Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good practice with some 'cycle chic'

Riding home through the city (Civic) yesterday, it was good to see some good practice for pedestrians and cyclists around construction zones was being applied. I have blogged about this before and the need for policy to be enforced for traffic management not just for motor vehicles but also for other users.

Good provisions for cyclists and pedestrians

...........with a nice bit of Cycle chic
Also some more shared zones are being used though many drivers still forget that in a shared zone ,Pedestrians have absolute right of way!

Childers Street, City West
My preference is to remove cars altogether from roads like these unless it is necessary for them to be there.

Like here in Helsinki,Finland..

 and of course here in Canberra
City walk Civic , City East.

..........though there is certainly differing views on that subject.


Paul Jackson said...

Thanks for pointing out some positive progress on the road safety front!

Anonymous said...

I love that second photo. Do your police turn a blind eye to riders making a choice about helmets? If they do, hats (or helmets) off to them.

Martin said...

Police from time to time do operations targeting road rule issues and the do target bicycle helmets and also our draconian cyclist dismount laws on free left turn slip lanes at signalised intersections. Which annoys many cyclists.
I hear from other people that are not from Canberra that visit or have just moved here that they notice more cyclists riding without helmets on.

The Big Cog said...

Martin, you'd be pleased to know that the reason why this is up to scratch is because the developer consulted pedal power about it after pedal power made several attempts to engage with TAMS on the importance of temporary traffic management - credit where credit is due martin!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think these are "good provisions for cyclists and pedestrians"! running between a major bus stop and a construction site - hey isn't this meant to be one of Canberra's main cycleways into the city??? Try riding through this area during the afternoon peakhour and you will see chaos.

Martin said...

That's why I used the term 'good' which means, not great or excellent. In the cycle friendly cities you would have separate provisions for cyclists and pedestrians. There are many areas in Canberra near construction sites where 'no' provisions have been made. If you feel this is not good enough then a email to Pedal Power and TAMS may be the go. But all in all this is probably the best provision you will see in this town.