Monday, November 29, 2010

Canberra Cycle Chic 2

'Would you believe Canberra has repealed its Helmet Laws' ,well no, but if you were reading the Canberra Times 'In the City' lift out you might think so. There is a picture on the front cover of two people riding bikes without helmets through Glebe Park in The Canberra City.    Oh no!

In the City, Models  Daniel Saunders & Sophie Luton riding in Glebe Park

This of course would be breaking the law and a $67 Infringement. Sad that this can only happen in the 'media world'. Though if you have a look around in the city there are many people not wearing helmets particularly around the Australian National University. In the ANU the speed limit for all roads is 40kmh or less making it much safer for bicycle riders and pedestrians.
When ever the Police go to enforce the Helmet Law they usually go to the ANU for easy pickings.A shame really. So what are the fines for bicycle use here in the ACT:

So using those regulations how many infringements would  be given in this Film by  Marc van Woudenberg(Amsterdamize),I wonder?


Marc's original home town was Houten , Holland  which is arguably the best designed city for the use of bicycles. Here he features in the video by Dublin Community TV (DCTV) and has some important points about helmets and safety.



Amsterdamize said...

Lol, they'd certainly have a field day here :). We're there in spirit, Martin, let's keep up the pressure on the zealots :)

Marc van Woudenberg :)

Martin said...

Hi Marc, thanks for stopping by. Apologies for spelling your name wrong initially, but have now corrected it. I like your video "free" and had to put up on this post.

Sue 'sans' helmet said...

Martin! just found you - love your blog!!

Ashley said...

Ahem, ANU campus safe for cyclists and pedestrians? Sorry to burst your bubble but the 40kph speed limit is poorly signposted and universally ignored. Car on cyclist accidents are common on the campus. Only time in 5 years of riding in Canberra i have been collected by a car was on the ANU campus about 300m from my office... ANU bike riders typically cower on the footpaths and only the brave venture out on the road (including the "shared zones"). I suspect hte real reason for lack of helmet use at ANU is student poverty!

Ashley said...

I like what the London cycling campaign guy says about hi-vis clothing. At the moment i am a bright yellow freak- at least when i have the Chariot in tow-but I'm really ambivalent about it because it does make you feel/look like a potential victim!
When i got hit by right-turning driver who didn't give way, i was wearing black. The police harangued me (while i was lying in the bed in emergency) about not having lights on (it was 9am) and not wearing day glo. In their minds the accident was clearly my fault as i hadn't made myself visible. I had to complain to their supervisor before they issued the driver with an infringement. They asked me to 'put myself in her place' and recognise her hitting me was an 'honest mistake'. So now i wear hi vis stuff just so i won't have to cop that particular attitude from police again.

Martin said...

Hi Ashley, Having a lower speed limit does make it safe for pedestrians and cyclist as the chance of serious injury or a fatality is greatly reduced. Many residential areas are still have 50kmh streets and the main collector roads are at 60kmh. If a pedestrian or cyclist is hit at 50kmh there is a 85% chance of a fatality.
Helmets are cheap so I wouldn't suggest that students are poor because many don't wear helmets. Many students own cars. With the ANU masterplan just released and the suggestion of a bike sharing scheme, Mandatory helmet laws will certainly hinder this scheme. I would suggest you lobby for 30kmh zones across the campus and separation for cycle infrastructure at higher speed roads.