Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second class citizens.

One of my many 'bug bears' about how cyclists and pedestrians are treated in Canberra is works on replacing & relaying footpaths and cyclepaths. If a road was being relayed/resurfaced adequate signage and detour information would a minimum requirement. Some time ago on a major shared path that I featured here, during the construction of a driveway and replacement of part of the path. Pedestrians ,cyclists and the disabled were forced onto a small part of the road with vehicles speeds at 70km/h , and nothing but some small witches hats as a barrier for a bi-directional path. When I complained about the situation and suggested using at least one full lane of the dual carriageway  for pedestrians and cyclists, it was 'Oh that will slow up traffic and we can't have that'.

Just take a look at this pathetic solution here.

No solution but to use the 60 km/h road with not warning signs or detour signs.

.........and the solution used in the Netherlands.

Both are suburban streets ,but in the Netherlands ,part of the road is used for the cyclists and pedestrians to pass safely.
One would argue here, that because there are more cyclists in the Netherlands then using this type of solution is needed, but its all about respect. If you treat pedestrians and cyclists as second class citizens like here in Australia then why would people want to walk or cycle.



David Hembrow said...

Glad you like the video. Just in case anyone might think this is an isolated case, I've several more similar ones.

It's important not to make people stop cycling because of small issues like this. If they stop, and get out of the habit, they may never start again.

Paul Martin said...

Same up here in Brisbane. You will often find the footpath and/or cycle path (if there is one...) blocked while the adjacent car parking and car lanes are unimpeded. I'm disappointed that our Governments don't even find this slightly embarrassing.

We are certainly second (or third) class citizens. Adults on bicycles travelling from A to B are immediately assumed to be people who have lost their drivers licence for drink driving. Seriously...