Saturday, May 14, 2011

Following New Yorks Journey

One of the Films that got me interested in setting up this blog and calling for better infrastructure on our roads in Canberra was the Film by Streetfilms a few years ago, called "Physically Separated Bike Lanes"which looked at the problems of the current cycling infrastructure of cycle lanes in New York city. I particularly like Enrique Penalosa's comment on cycle lanes , 'A bike-way that is not safe for an 8 year old child is not a bike-way, to have them or not at all is the same in my opinion.'

This video has received well over a hundred thousand plays on Streetfilms and You Tube. You can clearly see the issues with cycle lanes on busy roads and how they do not protect the cyclist at all.

Streetfilms could  be credited with the change that has now happened in New York, but you also need Government officials with some Political guts to make things happen. Like the New York Transport commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Who went and visited places like Copenhagen to see for herself what could be achieved with the implementation of good cycling infrastructure.

So what has been the transformation for New York City.............

Like the film's title ,'its more than just Bike lanes'. Canberra could also improve its infrastructure like this, one that doesn't discriminate between the cycling for training, commuting to work, children riding to school , shopping by bike, and the many other uses. As have many other world cities.........
New York




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