Monday, March 5, 2012

More Unrealistic Cycling Culture

I saw this poster in the local shopping centre while passing the shop window.

I for one would like to see this more often in Australia but these models are breaking the law. Yes criminals would you believe breaking not one but two laws for riding a two wheeled device.
There are many fashion retailers now including bikes in their sales campaigns but there is only one master at combining the two:      Mikael Coville-Anderson and this is how you do it..............


Anonymous said...

It is a little disturbing, isn't it, how advertisers are not required to make their ads reflect real life AT ALL. I am pretty sure Sue Abbott has some experience complaining to the ACCC about false advertising by helmet companies...maybe we should do the same for local advertisers.

Paul J

Anonymous said...

Are you complaining about ads selling aspirational fantasy rather than mundane reality?

Good luck with that one!

Jeff said...

What laws are they breaking? Riding without a helmet? Having a passenger on your bike?

currybadger said...

Those chicks forgot to bring the ice chest full of beer for their morning stroll

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