Sunday, February 27, 2011

Señor Enrique' Peñalosa is coming to town

Enrique' Peñalosa is making a visit to Canberra , As a follow-up to the recent Time to Talk - Canberra 2030 project, the ACT Government is hosting a free workshop with Mr Peñalosa on Wednesday 9 March from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at the Canberra Business Events Centre, Regatta Point.
Peñalosa will certainly be welcomed though his ideas may not be, particularly for a car -addicted culture town like Canberra. For those that haven't seen or heard of him before (where have your been!) Street films conducted an interview with him a couple of years back.


I have been sending several links to the transport section of Territory and Municipal services (TAMS) and have written a few letters to the Canberra Times about what Peñalosa has achieved in Bogota' and what Canberra could learn. So this is certainly a great opportunity, but when you hear statements from Peñalosa like 'restricting car use ' ,that frightens many-a-politician here. If our politicians only had a three-four year term only like Peñalosa had, then maybe we could get things done.

I have asked the Chief Minister about having a Ciclovia style 'Car free day' ,which would be on a Sunday,  his responce is a lack luster ,'we will consider it'. So I won't be holding my breath.



Anonymous said...

Closing the roads every so often is a great thing to do, but this is only a promotional event. The hype gets a bit overdone sometimes. Bogota doesn't actually look all that great for cycling.

Martin said...

Good Point. If I get the chance I will put this to Mr penalosa

Ashley said...

Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam has a "streets without engines" period in the old city every day. It is a wonderful interlude when things go quiet and pedestrians and cyclists, local and tourist, come out and claim the streets. "Third World" Vietnam and Columbia can do it, but "First World" Australia apparently can't. Bugger.

Paul Jackson said...

Thanks for mentioning that Sr Penelosa was coming to town, otherwise I never would have known. I sat in the back to listen to his presentation...seems a great guy. Hopefully some of his message will get through to the urban planning muftis who were there!

Jeff said...

We've got to get rid of cars in cities - especially the centers to start. We really aren't going to have much of choice. Car Free Days are a wonderful idea.

As far as the comment about Bogota not looking that great for cycling --- OF COURSE! It's Latin America. You ever been there? It's not Holland - that's for sure. That's part of what's been going on there is so grea