Monday, April 4, 2011

Intergrated Transport Update

One of Bicycle Canberra's many problems about our cycling infrastructure and policies is the need for better cycling integration with public transport. While there were a few bicycle lockers at the bus interchanges there was virtually nothing along the major corridor routes or at local group centre's.

Though this is common site in the Netherlands,Germany ,Sweden, Denmark and many other cities around the world, with bike parking facilities at bus stops and at major train stations.

Malmo, Sweden




Well this is a good news story for the TAMS transport department with the unveiling of the Bike park & ride sites. I have been a big critic of car park and rides, as they are expensive (up to $10 000 per car park space),they take up too much room and do nothing for active transport.

Mawson Park & Ride

The Mawson Park and Ride is a great example of this, while there are some bike lockers ,which are under utilized according to TAMS, the car parks are full. To encourage more bicycle use you have to restrict car use particularly in areas like this along major transport routes.

So to Transport for Canberra's New Bike > Park > Ride. I posted the need for better infrastructure along bus stops before and the department has been listening to the Community and have completed some of the new stops with some more to come.

Bike rails and secure Bike cage @ bus stop
Bike rails

As winter approaches this will test some of the fair weather riders but given the spread of the city this is definitely a good policy. What is needed is now some decent lighting along the cycle paths to and from these stops to make them more safe.

Groningen, Netherlands

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