Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cycling Counts.

The ACT Government from time to time regularly do traffic counts this is done by having a cable stretched across the road connected to a counter device. They can also be used for cycle paths as is the case here at the back of Curtin.

Pedal power along with other groups around the country do  annaul cycle counts with volunteers that go out and physically count cyclists passing by. The ACT count by Pedal power only focuses on Civic,though you could argue that Civic is the centre of Canberra, but Canberra has five town centres so it is important to cover all areas. This would be hard with volunteers so using mechanical means would be easier.

One of Mark Wagenbuurs video's show the cycle counting process in Utrecht, Netherlands. Interestingly Utrecht has about the same population as Canberra, though very different lay out. You may see in this video that a part from great cycling infrastructure, they have good public transport as well, with Light rail,articulated and bi-articulated buses. 


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Anonymous said...

I would volunteer if it is in Canberra!