Monday, February 28, 2011

Second class citizens part 2

Canberra has been overgrown  lately and is looking quite green from all the rain but with all the rain the comes the over growth of the grass.

Recently Mowed grass, next to cyclepath

Copenhagen cycle track cleaning vehicles

The ACT Government has had to spend an extra $1.5million on mowing this summer. just to keep up.
Now you'd think in a 'Cycle Friendly City' such as Canberra we would have cycle path cleaning vehicles just like in Copenhagen to keep the cyclepaths clear. Well sadly this is not the case. Most of the debris is left on the path until the wind or rain washes it off. Brilliant!

Cycle path ,Curtin
Cycle path ,Curtin

1.2m footpath ,whats left of it!

Keeping the roads clear

Though when debris and grass clippings are left on a the kerbside of a road ,what you will find is usually the next day, a street cleaning vehicle is deployed to clean the road side. Yet the cycle/footpaths are left in the state there in. This narrows the cycle path even less than what they are now, and also creates a safety risk to the bike rider and people walking by slipping on the wet and loose debris.


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