Friday, January 14, 2011

Brisbane cycles on

We know that Brisbane and Queensland have been doing it tough lately. That may be an understatement! So I pulled a couple of photo's out among the many of media shots showing the city from the bike perspective.
Bikes parked along the river just before the peak

Brisbane CBD
Interestingly the Dutch  has offered technical expertise to Australia to help out in the devastating Queensland floods with Brisbane flooding problems since the dutch know what they are talking about, but the Prime Minister Julia Gillard has turned it down. Yet another bit of Dutch know how, we are not considering.


The Big Cog said...

Would be great to find a few photo's of the new bike scheme underwater - they might be useful in a few months time. I spent time there over Xmas, it's where I originate from and the bike scheme and check-out points look amazing, but in 2 weeks I didn't see a person on a bike unfortunately.

Motorbike Helmets said...

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