Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bowen Underpass delayed

The NCA brings word that due to unforeseen works needed at Scrivener Dam, the Bowen place underpass will now be delayed until 2014.The NCA due to cutbacks has had to carefully budget for works in the parliamentary triangle and Lake Burley Griffin area but could find a revenue stream by introducing pay parking.

A large majority of Canberra's public servants work in the parliamentary triangle that drive rather than using public transport or cycle.

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The ACT government doesn't have jurisdiction over the Parliamentary triangle which is controlled by the Australian Government agency the National Capital Authority (NCA). They have held numerous consultations on introducing pay parking but has yet to implement it. Canberra has some of the cheapest car parking rates in the world at just under $7 dollar a day average  across the city. Building car-parks is not a cheap exercise so what is the true econimic cost?

Donald Shoup professor of urban planning at UCLA, California, USA describes the issues here:

He has also written a book about it as well.

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