Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Promotion of Cycling

The City of Sydney is once again showing the rest of the country how to promote cycling culture with its new cycling infrastructure and promotion videos.





When the ACT government started installing Cycle lanes a few years ago there was little if any promotion but rather a warning to motorists,which is important. But many people in the community see cyclists usually in Lycra, male and between  the 30 - 50 age group, and having cycle lanes on major arterial roads not that  welcoming.
There's know doubt there has been a increase in ridership on these lanes but just imagine if we had listen to the experts and installed infrastructure that the majority of the community could use.

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Paul Jackson said...

Nice point...Copenhagenize has all those marvelous quotes on their post today...just trying to work out how to get the ACT powers-that-be to read them and realise how things COULD be!