Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bike vs Car, Canberra 2

Here is a great little film by Cameron Blyth  who for his School Project made this docomentary on :

''Should bikes be allowed to ride on the roads? Should they be licensed? Should they pay registration? Are motorists educated and aware enough of cyclists? Are cyclists educated and aware enough of motorists and road rules?
Everyone has an opinion, some express theirs more than others. I made this documentary to try and calm the waters between cyclists and motorists, and to give motorists and idea of what it's like to be a cyclist.

This argument seems to never end here in Australia. This video also features Brendan Nerdal from Pedal Power  who makes a good argument for segregated facilities, so maybe things are finally changing.


You can see ABC's Canberra Stateline, Bike v Cars story here.

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Philip said...

Dear Martin,

I love the work you are doing on your blog, and I share your views on cycling. Publications like your own have given us valuable insights on how cycling can (or: should) be approached. Thanks for that. A bit of background on myself: I am a Dutchman, I lived in Amsterdam, and I moved to Dublin, Ireland in January this year. My girlfiriend is setting up a small bike business, I write a blog on bikes.

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* Minister Eamon Ryan:
* Actress Kerrie O Sullivan:
* the Dutch Ambassador:
* Minister Ciaran Cuffe:

Apart from the Classy Commute item, our posts focus on (for example) stylish cycling (see our post on sytlish traffic signs), new bike products (read about our test ride on the urban arrow), or the people of Dublin (see the portraits at the Bernard Shaw pub). I think our stories on Dublin might also be of interest to your readers.

Yours truly,