Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hogues back in Australia

Paul Hogan one of Australia's Famous exports ,the one that brought that famous line in Crocodile Dundee ,"Thats not a knife, now that's a knife'. Has been having a bit of trouble with the Australian Tax Office lately about some unpaid tax bills. Something in the order of $150 million dollars at its worst.

So why am I reporting it here, I hear you ask, well before doing the Croc movies he had his own comedy show called , yes you guest it' The Paul Hogan show' a skit show with some memorable characters like 'Arthur Dunger' , 'Bluey the Gut' and 'Leo Wanker'.

Here is a skit I found the other day on You tube ,you can see why the aurthorities here think riding your bike is a dangerous activity! Don't forget to sing along !

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